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Trolling Reels

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I am looking to add a few more reels to my gear.

I fish Lake Ontario spring, summer & fall for trout & salmon.

I am currently running my father’s old Penn 210M from 80’s and Okuma Convector CV20D’s & CV30D’s from early 2000’s all reels have carbontex drag washers, I have a few of each. The reels I’m running have all functioned well with no real issues.

I would like to pick up a couple new reels but I’m not sure what to buy. I originally planned on buying a couple more Convectors but have heard the quality of the new ones is not as good as the old ones.

Can anyone recommend a current production reel that should run flawlessly for many years to come?

I prefer line counter reels even though I know they aren’t always accurate.

I will try to keep my budget reasonable for peace at home while not fishing.


Thank you,

IDK Fishiing

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With respect to reels, “Low budget” for peace at home and “high quality” tend to be mutually exclusive.

There are a few mid priced and mid quality reels though. Daiwa Sealines and Okuma Coldwaters are a good value and the line counter is on top (IMO where it should be) instead of sticking out on the side.

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IDK: Being new to this type of fishing and trying to absorb as much knowledge as I could by reading as much as I could, I found I was starting to develop brain swell... For me, I took an opportunity to visit a descent tackle shop that had most of the brands and after really putting my hands on each of them, the instant comparison of cost, features and construction made my decision much easier.

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57 minutes ago, Knotlost Charters said:

Saltiest is one of the best and Shimano is right there to.

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Listen to this man!  Save your pennies and buy the best.  There is nothing worse than buying cheap stuff and then trying to explain to the wife why you are buying them again after a king destroyed your bargain reels.  

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As with most things in life the choice is usually a "tradeoff" The quality of the drag and its durability is very important. The Saltists have a very smooth drag system but the counter can be a pain for some folks as it is positioned at the side of the reel and can be uncomfortable if not used to it. For large kings a drag of 18 or 20 lbs or more may be more desirable than the standard 15 lb drags on some of the cheaper or mid priced reels and the carbon fiber ones seem superior to many standard non carbon drags.

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While I love my Saltists (despite the PITA linecounter), we spent many years running Sealine 47LC for salmon, and so far as I know that guy that I passed them onto is still running them. I would stay away from the Accudepth line - really, once you get under $100, there is not much out there to recommend. You may be able to pick up a few decent used reels here and simply upgrade drags or have Rochester Reel Repair take a look at them.

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I have owned a lot of different trolling reels from a lot of different price points 


Way back when the 47 h from Diawa  was the standard and I think I have 6  besides the drags getting a sticky  over time , the only issue I ever had was a clicker go . 


I really don't think you need the best to catch these fish . Any mid range reel will perform for you . A smooth drag is what is really the most important thing . 


I have 2 Accudepth and they are fine 


I have 1 convector  that I like . 

 I have a magna pro I like 


Currently I have 2 Penn 309 for my dedicated flasher rods I love . 


I have caught my share of kings over the years . 


Buy  the best if you feel you have to but I'm here to tell you , you don't need to . 

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