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I run slide divers 100 feet behind the diver.
Lot of guys do really well with jet divers.

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4 hours ago, hookedupf7 said:

Curious I saw some guys post about running divers for early browns. Can anyone add some insight to this? Depths ? Diver size ? Slide divers? Wire or mono ? And leads?


For skinny water I run chinook divers. Size #2 in black (honestly not much of a difference with diver size and performance in less then 20 fow). I prefer to use my standard diver setups with 65# braid as opposed to wire this time of year. 12' fluorocarbon leader 10-12# test. And 99% of the time its a spoon on the money end. From rod tip to diver we will fish them 10-15 ft out.

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