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for sale : usa Gear Clean Out - Spoons, Lead Core Reels, Flashers

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Cleaning out the tackle shelves in basement to make room for more. 


Multiple lots price listed, shipping at your cost from 14224 to your location. 


Lot 1 - SOLD





Lot 2 $30 -  17 spoons - used - some NK 4d's, red eyes, slammers (i think), johnson silver minnows, mix of sizes, mostly normal (3-4inch), 2 5inchers, 

Lot 2 p1.jpg

Lot 2 p2.jpg





Lot 3 - SOLD




Lot 4 $35 -  4.5 color (had to cut half way through color due to tangle) lead core, 30lb BG backing, Guide Series linecounter Reel - 30 series size.

Lot 4 p1 - 4 and half color.jpg

Lot 4 p2 - 4 and half color.jpg

Lot 4 p3 - 4 and half color.jpg

Lot 4 p4 - 4 and half color.jpg




Lot 5 - SOLD





Lot 6 $50 -  10 11" pro troll flashers.  Some could use a new strip of tape, most glow


Lot 6 p1.jpg

Lot 6 p2.jpg

Lot 6 p3.jpg

Lot 6 p4.jpg




Lot 7 $35 -  3 color lead core guide series linecounter, 30 lb BG backing, 25lb fluoro leader.  Drag lever is cracked, but still works just fine.   Can be replaced with commonly available okuma components if desired.  30 series size

Lot 7 p1.jpg

Lot 7 p2.jpg

Lot 7 p3.jpg









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