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Mercrusier rebuild timeframe


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Looking at a boat that has 7-8000 hrs on it total..

5.7 motors


Had the top end of motors rebuilt 1000-1200 hrs ago...


Good compression on motors.. but concern about lower end of motors..when would they need rebuilt?

Always in fresh water


Any info to this appreciated..


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Oil pressure at operating temp will tell volumes about the bottom end, , A thing to remember is a boat motor works harder than a car motor and thats plenty of hours, but if good oil pressure, good temp and no noise run it till it wont

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If it ain't broke don't fix it. Use the boat, if it sounds and runs good and doesn't use oil, go for it. If one motor starts acting up then it may be time to rebuild. Motors taken care of can run forever. Had a searay with the 3.0 motor for 25 yrs plus 5 for previous owner and never replaced any interior parts. Mega water skiing and fishing.

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