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Wanted 6" track

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Thanks! I will keep that option open if you don't mind. My kayak is a WS Pungo, and the material is light enough that I'm hoping to be able to mount each track using at least six screws. Unless anyone has a better idea? I'm using Downeaster clamp on holders now - they work, but not optimal.


It would be easier if this was a sit on top rather than sit inside kayak. But it's 20 years new and has only been expoxyed twice lol. I love my kayak, mainly cause it's simple fishing. There's not a lot of bling; I don't even have a depthfinder. But in terms of pure enjoyment, it's hard to beat. Great way to catch fish, too.



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I bought a 12" piece of track, cut it in half and drilled some beveled/chamfered holes in it so i could use both pieces with 4 screws...I got the beveled bit set at Harbor Freight for $10, less than the cost of an extra piece of track.  Worked great!

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