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Big Jon Downriggers ball retriever

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Has anyone mounted a weight retriever to a Big Jon downrigger. My buddy just bought a new boat and is not sure about tipping back the booms. Nether one of has anything but Cannons. Thanks

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If the Big Jons are electric they use a "bead" on the downrigger cable for the auto stop.

The bead will not fit through the Cannon pulley on the retro-ease.

However the bead will probably fit through the Scotty version of weight retriever.

Had a pair of Big Jons on an old boat, didnt care for having to tip up the boom to set the line in the release either. My current boats riggers are also tip up booms but dont use a bead, I use the Scotty pulley on these with no trouble 



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Yes the scotty retrievers will work with your big jons. The auto stop beads slide through no problem. I put a dab of glue on the beads to keep them from sliding on the cable as well.

That being said, I just took them off and have gone back to tilting arms up or swivelling base to bring them to side of boat. Also use scotty clothspin type release on my cable to keep ball in water.

HTH's   Cheers

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