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April 3rd

Great first day on the Yankee Troller for the 2021 season. We caught various sizes of Brown Trout as well as a couple of Coho Salmon. We had a great group of guys from Western Pennsylvania. Al has brought a crew up here every year for about the last 9-10yrs. It's always great to share the boat with them.
The weather was nice today so we put out our typical Spring Brown Trout program. Eight lines flat lined on our planer boards, two Fishing - Chinook Diver-Stainless Steel Troll Fishing Divers, and two Cannon Downriggers. No one bait was really "the man" today. Bay Rat Lures in SS and S3 that went today we're Ayu, My Secret, Lemon Lime, Ghost Face, Tricky Ricky, Candy Corn, Citric Shad, Can't Afford It, and Hot Secret. Glow Frog was our best spoon on the Divers and Downriggers. UV Sea Sick Waddler took out biggest Brown Trout today down 3' and back 40' on our Cannon Downrigger. Back at it in the morning!


April 4th

Happy Easter everyone! We found a few Easter eggs today with a new crew from Western Pennsylvania. They were referred by yesterday's crew, and after yesterday's piggie there were high expectations to fulfill. We found out very quickly this morning that the fishy conditions we had yesterday deteriorated. We were met with very clear water along the shoreline.


We started with mostly natural presentations. Leads off our boards were 110-120'. On our first pass the only fish that hit was on a UV Sea Sick Waddler down 3' and back 40' off our downrigger. After three hours of not much we switched it up. We took one side of the boat and changed baits as well as lengthened the leads up to 150' back. We slid into 7' of water and doubled up fairly quick. We changed out the other side of the boat to match the side that was firing. Each pass after that yielded a fish or two.


We were fortunate to connect with three different Trout species today, and two fish are headed to taxidermy. We'd say that was a successful trip in tough conditions when most boats only took a few shots.




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