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Shakedown Trip. Mexico Lakers 4/10

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Had a great first trip.  Hauled the old Girl 200 miles from Scranton PA to Mexico Ny this morning. After rebuilding the front end of my dually last week, half way up I snapped a brand new front shock and had to take it slow, so I was a little late gettin out. Bypassed the skinny water and shot out for lakers. Started in 120FOW runnin a 3 rod spread with cowbells and Gambler rigs. Didnt move a rod from 9am-11:00. Got info to move a little more west, packed up and motored past the plant. 11:00-2:00 I went 14ish out of 20ish. Lost count after 12. Smallest Laker was 7lb. Biggest 14lb. 
  Great to be out again.   Boat ran good and looks great in the slip.  Back at it first light tomarrow. 








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Nice job Hachimo !! First trip out of our new Catfish creek camp. The wife and I celebrating 32yrs. Doubled up twice in an hour. Good feeling !! First time targeting Lakers. Had gregger 300 up and ended up boating around 10 more thanks to all the tips from all you guys. Thank you !! Great first weekend. 










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9 hours ago, NortheastHardcoreSportsman said:

Boat looks great!!! 

Thanks Larry,

great workin with ya this past weekend.  I’ll keep in touch If your up when I’m up there

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I enjoy not only fishing, but also nature. It gives me double pleasure. Fishing is an art, so it's better to do it where there is very beautiful nature. I really like fishing in exotic countries. My most memorable fishing trip was in Africa Luxury Safari. I got a huge amount of positive and positive emotions, just enjoyed my life. I really enjoyed fishing in the Dominican Republic, I decided that I will travel more and more often. Not only that, but I would like to ask for more places to go to get advice on where to fish and enjoy nature. I would be grateful.
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