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2020 Hemlock-Canadice Angler Diary Report


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For your reading pleasure.  


For those of you who regularly fish these lakes, I would suggest you partake in the program - the more data collected, the better management practices can be developed for each lake.  


Link to DEC page with more info.

Hem-Can 2020 Report.pdf

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What they are thinking is what to do about the low level of success regarding the brown trout stocking in Canadice lake. It has been robust in recent years, with a very low catch rate. The forage fish population is good, so they're not sure why there is such a low harvest rate. It's a put and take fishery except for the lakers. Perhaps they'll consider rainbows again, or maybe landlocks. Just speculating. 

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They haven't stocked Landlocks for a number of years - I think last stocking was like 2000/ 2003 time frame.  Heard that's one of the options being discussed.


Browns in Canadice are a challenge to catch.   I've seen pictures of some real tanks taken there, but I've only caught smaller ones that based on their size were stocked that year or possibly the previous year.



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