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Headed out of the Genny yesterday in the am. Stayed in for three or four hours. One knockoff. Went out for Lakers around 2-4pm, nothing. Back in for the rest of the afternoon. Very clear water 20 ft and in. Hopefully it will change soon. Great to spend the day on the lake. But damn I’m sore. IMG_2640.JPG



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well if it makes you feel better my brotha, that rainbow is currently in a mix of brown sugar, kosher salt and soy sauce, gonna let it air dry for a few hrs tmrw and then into the smoker at 175 for 3 hrs.


got a honey and rum mixture to baste on a few times w a little ground black pepper in it.


i'll swing by with a sampler for ya.  i figured if all we get is one fish all day we might as well do it up right.


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