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Cayuga Perch

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Brother in law lives in Ithaca and would like to get into fishing. Figured I’d start him out with perch. I know there are traditional hot spots where people congregate. I was wondering if there are locations where you could just work the shoreline with electric trolling motor using a jig & a bobber. Seems to me a year or so ago there was a few posts regarding this subject. Maybe that was a post spawn thing. Thanks for any tips.

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Nice video. I was there yesterday and did the same.  I launched at the state park for the first time. You would think the state could afford some sort of plastic/ rubber rub rail along the dock. The wood is old and in bad need of repair.  We came in at the edge of a thunderstorm and the wind blew us up along the dock  but  I had my fenders out and didn’t break anything.  The parking isn’t good either. You park on the other side of the road up a hill. Thankfully, they had 4 handicapped parking spots open right there otherwise I would have driven to union springs or the mud locks. 

Yes, sandwick, you can catch perch all summer long right on the shore up tight but not so much In Cayuga as the other fingers. 

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