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Yankee's ROC/Oak report April 17/18

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This was definitely the Spring for BIG Brown Trout, but certainly not the year for numbers. On this mornings charter we took our best Brownie of the Spring. It weighed just under 14lbs, and ate an all White Bay Rat S3 off the surface in 20' of water. That being said there's Silver chewing up West, so that'll conclude our beach fishing for 2021.



Dave was out with us a few weeks ago chasing Brown Trout, and when he saw we had an opening today he jumped at the opportunity. We left The Oak around 6am and took a 10 mile trip West. We found great screens to fish over in 50-80' of water. We ended the day with a couple Chinook Salmon, three Coho Salmon, and a handful of Lake Trout.


Best spoons for us today were Glow Green Alewife and Rod Father. A-TOM-MIK Stud fly took one of the Salmon, Ultra Green Glow took a few Lake Trout. Downriggers 35-55'down, divers 70-90' out, and FishUSA Stealthcore in 5 & 10 colors run behind Offshore OR 12 inline boards.




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Ha! Glad you got your head straight about mining silver!  It was opening day for kings this weekend. Let the fun begin!!

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11 hours ago, Yankee Troller said:


Not allowed until July. 

I dont think so my friend!! I will be fishing out of point breeze june 10th weekend. If the silver isnt on the east side by then I will just have to stay there and catch all YOUR salmon:dance:

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