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short boom riggers

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1 hour ago, Shakemsam said:

Generally 24" is only used of the stern.

So you want the short booms on back and maybe long booms on sides? Reason I'm asking is I want to get downriggers with extendable booms to keep cables from props and so fourth. Was going to get cannons with extendable booms for stern and I found 2 with 24" booms cheap thought I could put those on sides.

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As a follow up to my last post, I use shorter rods ( 7- 71/2 footers) on my 17 ft. boat, easier to store and handle. The short arm riggers allow a bit more room for the shorter diver rods.


Pic of Starboard side set, 2 rigger rods stacked 10 ft. apart, the forward  rod on the left is a wire diver. Everything clears nicely.




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6 minutes ago, wrinklestar said:

If you have a kicker mounted off the side of you main motor you may get the kicker prop hitting the cable when turning to the opposite side of the kicker

I don't have a kicker so that won't be a problem, though I can see how it would be.

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