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20210424_121216_1.thumb.jpg.2eedee70a85e7ab796d7d080e873e075.jpgWent out around 10, launched at Bear Creek on the way out the water was 2' deep. So you really have to stay in the center of the harbor as there are rocks on either side. I saw a charter boat go within feet of the rocks on the west side.  not good.  We got two boated and one spit out the lure when it saw my grand daughter.  The fish ran right to the boat, a new one for me.  Saw quite a few charters out didn't really see any of them catching.  My granddaugher landed both with help, she's 11. So needless to say there are a few fish left in the lake for another day.  20210424_102953.thumb.jpg.df27df180361056cfa0484f7297919d9.jpg

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