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After our morning out with cops 4 a cause the wife and I headed out for some evening browns. After two hrs washin spoons I set out for lakers again. 150fow in front of the plant produced again. Yellow dew deathtrap pullin mag bullfrog gambler rig was on fire and out produced my froggy cowbell pullin bullfrog mag gambler rig. Theres has been days cowbells do better but then days deathtraps won’t stay in the water like yesterday.  Ended with over a 12 lakers in 1.5 hrs. Biggest 21lb and 19lb. Rest 10-15lb. We had 2 triples and multiple triples with only ne and the wife on the boat. Got pretty intense! Wish I could get browns like I do lakers.  Guess my brown game got pretty weak over the winter as all my buddies loaded the boat with em.  
     On a side note! Fellas if u bring dogs on ur boat, check your bilge pumps from time to time.  Tied to the dock before i went out i went in my cuddy to 6in of water.  Checked my center bilge pump and it was pluged with hair and line. While I was out with the kids earlier in the day I let them drive and they were playin with switches and think they shut the other two bilges off.  Quite the learning experience!






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