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Fished from 1-4 pm solo. Browns were stubborn even with good color and warm shoreline temps. Scooted out to 100-120’ and went 9/9 on Lakers. Cowbells and green spin and glow took all but 1 laker with rigger 5 feet off bottom. 1 laker on F/F with white/gold fly down 30’ on the Downrigger. Nothing on leadcore or boards. A lot of fun pulling them up but no silver fish to be found, probably out deeper. 1 wild fish and the rest stockies, all fat and healthy without lamprey wounds 6lb-12.5. 46 degree water on surface 42 down 90’. Speed 2.0-2.6.IMG_1192.JPGIMG_1197.JPGIMG_1193.JPGIMG_1208.JPGIMG_1212.JPG



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I fished close to port and fished dawn to 8 . 6 to 20 ft , good temp nice color nice mud edge ,no hits for 3 trips doing that . 


I'm done in there . 


I was fishing the creek off my dock yesterday and the in and out current was ripping . 

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