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Started trolling the Harbor at first light waves still splashing over the breakwater here and there. We picked away at a few browns but it was slow going at first. We took a lunch break and headed back out and the bite was HOT! Several tanks in the mid and upper teens! We ended up with over 30 bites through out the day! 


1 color, 2 color and weight rods were our top  producing rods. 


Hot spoons for us were Stinger crushed ice alewife, dirty white boy, lances 2 face stingray, pickleseed glow back, green gander glow and black tux with glow back. Yet again no stick bait bites for us. 


2.4-2.6mph was prime speed for us.


Couple pictures I have, ill post more when the guys send them over!


Tight lines!





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