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W.O.C.S. Opening weekend


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 Saturday we shoveled the snow out of the Grady White to give it the first try under our ownership for opening weekend of Walleye and Pike. 25 plus fish hit the deck after coming to the net. It was a mix of Walleyes, Pike, Pickerel, Steelhead(unexpected but awesome non the less) and a few perch. Sunday they were a little tricky but similar results. Steady action and the rain on Sunday was better than snow and cold. Welcome to opening weekend! Sorry for the lack of more and better pics, didn’t have a lot of recovery time to focus on the camera lol. Last year if y’all remember it started snowing on Sunday of opening weekend and stayed for a week with highs in the low 30’s. 🥶. Bring back some sunshine all you north county snowbirds!

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