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Wire dipsey backing?

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15 hours ago, geoice said:


I have 1000’ wire I always use for dipsey, but there is no backer on it.. do you guys have backer on yours? And how much if so



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Depends on the reel you're using... easy way to check. Measure off 100ft in your lawn and walk it off and see what your line counter says at the 100ft mark. If it reads higher than 100 it means you need backing. 

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Recommend googling the "Reel Fill Calculator".   It's been a huge help in figuring out how to set up all my reels.  I would just recommend to be conservative (i.e. put use 85% as a target rather than 100%).  I got the Berkley line counter I use measure the amount of line going on.  I recently just switched my wire reels from Daiwa 47s to Shimano Tekota A 600s.  On the 47s I had no backer as it was advised by a friend to leave some room in case of a backlash/birds nest.  However, when the line counter read 100, it was only 85 ft. of line due to the unfilled spool.  I don't like having to do math on the fly to account for the shortage, so I filled my new reels pretty much to capacity.  I used the reel fill calculator to determine I needed 250 ft of 50 lb braid behind my 1000 ft. of 7 strand wire in order to get my spool to 90% according to the calculator.  I turned out just about perfect, closer to 100%.  I used the improved albright knot to connect the braid to the wire which is a great tip I picked up on this forum.     

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Depends on how well you put the wire on .... it should be tight as heck, otherwise you will have problems with misalignment of your wire guide and where it sits on the reel afterwards.


Some guys put on the backing line and wire .... then go out with a big board on the line (no lure/hooks), let it all out, then reel it back in. Gets rid of line twist and also gets that wire back on tight.


When I filled up a size 30 reel (or Oukuma 600) ... we had some braid backing, kind of enough to cover the entire base of the spool (maybe 1/8" deep), and after that, wire went on and filled it perfectly to the top.

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