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Memorial Day Weekend Big Fish Friday

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Thx , Les
The real story goes, we got to camp late after I got home from work at 2:30am. Launched at 1pm. Fished for maybe 1/2 hr. Marked a few good ones in 80' fow down 65'. Set the rigger at that n turned around. Boom. Huge thx to Brian Gambel for the rigs! Even more to Warrior lures for the custom Melissa's Muffin that caught this stud.
We revived the fish in live well and he struggled a bit but seemed to make it.

Nice going John.

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Great for sharing this news. My husband is constantly looking for such ads to rest on the weekend after a hard work week calmly. It doesn't bother me that he is fishing and not spending time with me since I spend as much time as possible with our daughters on weekends. It is essential for me that girls feel loving support, so I always try to develop new entertainment for us. Usually, I immediately go to a selection called exciting ideas for an unforgettable weekend for girls, and there we all choose something together. I hope my husband will be able to relax this weekend as well as you, and maybe even with you. Good luck.

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