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Transducer Wire Splitter

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Installing a new transducer and have a few dumb questions.  Does anyone make a transducer wire splitter?  And does anyone make and adapter from one brand to another?  I'm hoping to go to a Furuno and a Raymarine.  Has anyone ever done this?  Both units are NMEA2000 compatible, so is that an option with some sort on interface/junction?

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No , you need two separate transducers.  You should be able to display one FF screen on the other but only one FF is in operating mode. They do make a splitter allowing you to cut your wires and match them up. The wirescare color coded ,similar to a radio. I ended up going on thehulltruth.com.  and posting up  got the color match up reply in a few hours. 

Ebay , wakezonemarine was the seller , 28.00 total , ..... Airmar inline Cable Splicer kit IP 67 10 conductor waterproof.....was how it was titled.

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