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Cayuga missed connections Duckworth boat

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Standing on our dock today south of long point you drove by in a new Duckworth looks to be Offshore model decked out to the 9's.


Watched you catch a fish solo while the autopilot did the work.


I'm very very jealous of your rig. It was like watching a rolls Royce drive by

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10 hours ago, Frogger said:

Last time I saw one I was ready to visit the bank on a new mortgage refinance. Had to talk me down off a ledge. I hope I never see this boat lol.

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Dude I dont know who it is but this thing is absolutely mint and decked out to the 9's. Guy was fishing alone. I think he needs friends!

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You cant beat the Pacific Northwest in all welded aluminum rigs. Hewes, alumaweld, duckworth, willies, north rivers, thunder jet, snake river, rogue etc etc the list goes on and on............

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 I dunno, they are nice rigs, but these days there are a  lot of companies offering similar hardtops.. There was a time they couldn't give them away, while guys were snapping up conventional cabin type rigs... IMHO a roomy aluminum hardtop regardless of brand is the best fishing boat for the Great Lakes, AND the near coastal waters of NY/NJ, out to I dunno,  maybe 20 miles offshore... Canyon/offshore/big game??.. I think  glass  with multiple powerplants seems a better choice... 



 As far as  aluminum boats,,I was looking at Silver Streaks.. They looked pretty similar, not sure if they are any less expensive...

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