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Looking for Seasoned Salmon and Walleye fishermen

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Thinking about spring Salmon fishing in general and maybe this years pro am. Also considering the South towns Walleye tournament. I lost my fishing buddy

a while back and am looking for a few seasoned, knowledgeable guys that know their way around a boat to fish with and learn from also as I haven't

been out in a couple of years. I have a 21' ft. Crestliner Eagle W/A and while it's not the nicest boat out there, it gets the job done and it literally sips

gas so it's not too expensive to run. I'm down to earth, a republican and pretty laid back, not too intense and like the same type of people.

I like to chase the salmon around mainly out of Olcott and Wilson in the spring and fish for both salmon and walleye after that.

I'm planning to go out in the next couple of days for a shake down trip out of Olcott. So if your interested and don't mind helping out with the

cost of things from time to time, I would like to hear from you. 

Non cigarette smokers preferred, but not out of the question. Biden voters no way ever though! Thanks for your time. 

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8 hours ago, REELDRAG2 said:

What does being a republican have to do with fishing. Are we going to bring politics into that too. Sad.


It is sad that it has to come into it but that is the current situation in which we live. The divide is so great that if you are going to sit and shoot the bull with a complete stranger for 5 or 6 hours in a boat its probably going to come up. There are a LOT of people out there now that have become fanatical about it on both sides so I understand why he wants to get it out there before things go south an hour into what should have been a relaxing day on the water. I would probably do the same in his shoes... Good luck finding a fishing mate or two "Draggin the Line"!

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How does it feel to be canceled ? 


Some prominent Dems have said anyone who  supported Trump was not worthy to even hold a job and should be shunned .

And we should be " deprogrammed" . 


So now we are outraged ? Please  spare me .  


What's good for the goose . 


if a Biden voter was on my boat and I  knew it , he probably would regret getting  on board . 


Maybe we get a law saying I have to take them . 

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Its time to leave this site that I have been part of for years. The moderators are not doing their jobs. You haters are too much. You can flag my post or eliminate it, just more b.s. You people make me sick. Good bye and good luck on the water.

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I want to speak, I have much to say

But in this world, there is no way…


You look for friends and advice on this forum

And then claim the members here have poor decorum


This group of fishers are chock full of so much info

Sk8man, Yankee, Whaler1, Frogger and NymphO


It’s mostly the fishing that keeps us together

Both when it’s a good day on the water or tough weather


It’s unfortunate that religion and politics can keep us apart

Right from the beginning, before we even start


Perhaps the time will come when we can bite our tongue

Not like when we were 20 and oh so young


For me these members are mostly first class

Though, perhaps, a few may be a little crass


My guess is the time will come when you will need a “fish worker”

And you’ll come back to this site…if even just a lurker


Best of luck to you

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There are alot of great fisherman on this site. A few were mentioned

 I've learned alot from these folks and have become a better fisherman because of the FISHING info that these folks share. However, it seems like if you are not a republican and a supporter of Trump your post get removed. This has happened to me. Like I said, politics and fishing DO NOT go together. I consider myself an independent with conservative ideals and vote for the person who I think can do the best job. Country over party. Semper Fi.

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Thanks for the clarity and additional insight. I too am an indepenant. I don't think "elephant hunting" or "donkey hunting" should be mixed with fishing, but that's me.


I understand peoples' convictions run deep, I just wish devisive topics would be left at home so we could all "just get along".

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