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New to Trout & Salmon Fishing?

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Interested in learning how to fish for trout and salmon or want to learn new tricks of the trade? This Summer (June-Aug) I will be running the first series of Finders Keepers Educational Charters out of Sodus Bay on My Way (34' Amberjack) (or I can come onto your boat to work with your gear). These charters are specifically designed and tailored to educate anglers on the skills they desire to learn. These can include:
*Running downriggers
*Advanced downrigging techniques (sliders, fixed sliders, stackers, etc.)
*Running planer boards (large boards or in-lines)
*Running multiple wires on a side
*Creating a spread of lines for different scenarios
*Reading electronics
*Using waypoints to be more productive
*Running meat rigs & tuning them correctly
*Running flasher/flies and tying up new rigs
*Running slide divers vs. standard divers vs. mag divers
*How to properly sharpen your hooks
*How to enter fish in the tournaments run on the Fish Donkey platform (Great Lakes Salmon Showdown & NYS Summer Classic)
And anything else you may want to learn! While the emphasis will be on the educational aspect, we'll also try to put some fish on the deck too! Charters will be available weekday evenings from 5-8pm and weekends from 3-7 or 3-8pm in June, and every day after 3pm through July and August pending availability). If interested, drop me a PM for availability, pricing, and to secure a date. More information can be found at: FKsportfishing.com
Let's go fishing!! 
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Anglers who have taken advantage of this opportunity are coming away with a wealth of knowledge and a much shorter learning curve. Drop me a line today and we can set-up your on-water class tailored to your requests! 

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This year's educational trips went amazingly well with most trips scoring some bonus fish. Some of the topics we covered and practiced included:

-Running 2 divers on a side

-Running a multitude of planer lines using large boards and inline boards

-Setting up and deploying downriggers

-Using waypoints to track fish movement and alter presentations

-Advanced downrigging techniques like sliders and cheaters

-Importance of probes

-Various lines and their applications, including fluoro leaders

-Proper hardware

-How to set-up and tune meat rigs

-How to set-up various spreads using a multitude of various lines

-Go to rigs for various species

-How to tie your own fly rigs

-Proper storage of various tackle

And so much more!!

Each class is tailored to what you would like to learn/practice. If you would like to shorten that learning curve, I do have some very limited availability this fall, or you can get a jump on next year's dates by stopping into our booth on Sept. 18th at the NYS Fall Classic Sportsman Show at the Batavia Downs Casino. Listening to someone describe how to do something is completely different than doing it yourself on the water! Join me on the water (or I can join you) and class will be in session! Drop me a PM or give me a call at (585) 330-0494 to schedule your class!

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