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yellow birds or church

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The Off Shore boards are nice for surface applications, especially w/ the tattle kit installed for the FLX where you have weeds and more dinks- that can be a problem w/ the inlines. In my humble (and inexperienced) opinion, the Church "Walleye" board seems better for handling lead and copper.

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If im not running my big boards, I love my church boards, very durable and adjustable with the keel weight for pulling leadcore, and snapweights.

The only drawback I have with the church boards is they are not reversible, meaning one is for port, one is for starboard.

The older Willies are great, and are reversible, but the ones on the big jon site have a plastic arm that snaps fairly easily, the original older Willies had a one piece steel arm with a cotter pin design compared to the plastic. I keep a willie on board in case I lose a church.

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I held the church and the mini yellow bird in each hand and figure the yellow bird would have less resistance when fighting a fish. Also since I only need one yellow bird to replace the one I broke, it ment more money for other tackle.

Dont like using the inlines much, only if im out alone or one other guy anyway.

Put a fresh coat of glossy orange paint on the home made boards , tweeked the homemade planner masts. Now just got to wait for the weather to break , then fishing finally. :clap:

Thanks for all the input.

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