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First light this morning till 8 


Started close with sticks but no hits 


Switched to spoons and worked my way out . 


Got good surface temp and green water . Maybe its working it's way down our way and the kings won't be far behind . 


Managed  a Laker down 75 and a coho down 30 . Did not Mark any bait and no fish other than the Lakers on bottom.. 


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First light to 8  this morning 60 to 90 


Nice temp break and scum  line 


Not a great screen but saw a few.Lakers on bottom 


No hits 

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Fished Sandy with cousin and his wife on 5/16 on his boat. 2 for 3. Small coho I think? Pic attached. Caught on dipsey out 150 over 100. Skippy IMG_5306.JPGking on rigger at 60 over 110. Lost a laker behind the boat Fished 7-11. Didn’t mark much. Just nice to be out with family and seeing some fish on board.

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Brand new to this type of fishing. Been fishing out of Sandy creek a few times this year but only marking fish. Thinking they are mostly lakers on the bottom. Tried 30 - 130fow so far only one hit a spoon on a dipsy but broke off on a dipsy with a spoon. Frustrating but going to keep at it. 

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