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Ontario gold 2021


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Got out with a son and his buddy for a few days to fish for some gold. Friday we we greeted with 59 degree water and bait everywhere,  was a tough go but I ran till 4 am and put a program together to save the night with 4 great fish. Saturday night started with warmer temps tight to shore with bait and fish in 60 degree water, slow start turned into a quick flurry if hits with 3 landed and one lost, all quality fish again. Couldn't believe the lake level and had to adjust leads as the fish were tight. Not outrageous,  but good success each night with a lot of smiles and laughs.






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Nice work bud!  I always wanna get up there with you but only have 2 days off for the first 2 months  and you know I spend em fishing here.  Not too mention if I had more than one mistress Tracy wouldn't have it!  Dream season here so far....for me anyways!  Landed a nearly 45" this morning on one of the new 12' Denali trolling rods this morning.  

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