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Pulled into the ramp area next to Black North Inn at 6:45am,,,,, not a single trailer in the parking lot.  I immediately thought the water must be too low to launch.  Fortunately there is plenty of water at this ramp.  Fished until 3pm and never saw more than 5 boats.

picked up 3 lakers in 175fow then a small king in 150fow.  Lost another 4 fish, and a spoon, over the course of the day.

never saw what looked like a charter boat either.  In175fow and down 90 water temp was 41 deg.  Surface temp 52. 

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fished sunday afternoon out of the oak...  90-100 FOW picked up 3 coho (50 over 90 and 2 on the surface) had 2 other knock offs (80 over 90 and 30 over 100...  mostly green and silver spoons and spin dr)....  surface temp was 54-56 degrees... only 2 other boats in the area when we came out at 3 then had place to ourselves after 5pm..  didnt have time to drive to wilson that day

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On 5/19/2021 at 11:41 AM, Shakemsam said:

Oh, for sure! Rochester and the Genny was crazy then.

So was the Oak and Olcott. At the black north ramp (state ramp was not built yet) vehicles with boats were back up waiting to launch all the way back into the exit ramp on the parkway. at olcott the vehicles were back up on Jackson st onto rt 18 and onto the bridge over 18 mile cr

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