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First time out of Wilson for season. Fished west trolling 200 - 265. 1 small King and 1 Laker. I have never seen the amount of trash in the water for so long a stretch. I did mark bait but very few fish showed on screen. Wondering if anyone else encountered the same. My opinion is this Debri field has pushed the majority of fish away from this area of water. Spoke to a couple of guys out previous three days and they all said fishing just stopped upon it's arrival. Have encountered scum lines in past but nothing the size of this one. Be interesting to hear comments from those who may have witnessed this the same day or prior to Friday. Any Idea's and consider it's impact on the fishing.

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Was out off the oak yesterday and saw tons of trash also. Had plastic debris on both down rigger cables.

#1 lure of 4 Musky Inc National Champions in last 3 years.

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