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April Trout Report - East End of Lake Ontario

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A report of April 2nd fishing.

It was going to be a nice day, weatherwise, so Laker John and I headed off to Lake Ontario and a shot at brownie or two....

Launched John's boat and the Merc four stroke started, second pull - great to get underway.

We began to fish around 1015 and near the end of the first hour, the outside board went kinda strange and there was a fish there. I was able to land the nice 4.25 lber, even though the fish went thru the landing net. The fsh was caught on an Froggy coloutred Alpena Diamond.

The net need some repairs and we trolled onward.......

We fished the whole afternoon and couldn't buy another strike. The water temp was on the rise. When we began the temp was at 33.0 degs, kinda cold for Brown Trout, but as the day progressed, the sun shone and that water rose to over 37.2 degs.

We were making one last run before heading in around 1700 and decided to make another change of lures, I've been carrying a Lucky Strike Toronto Wabler spoon for over 10 years, that a guy recommended for brown trout and put it on and because it was heavier that the others, put it 40' behind the board and the board out 120'. We hadn't gotten the last rod out and the Lucky Strike had a strike......

Laker John reeled that one in and again the net crumbled, but I was able to make a lacross basket and landed the fish. I thought I should change my lure and suddenly my rod was dancing a bit more than ususal. Another fish had struck while we landed John's fish - Hey a double header!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Landed that one on a Evil Eye Spoon, a clipped fin fish on a and trolled around til 1800 and decided to hit the road back to town.

It turned into a great afternoon as the wind died and sun came back and it was quite warm, a nice way to end the day of fishing.

Here's a shot of the days catch:


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Hi, where abouts do you fish the east end on the lake? I am in the belleville area. I was out early april in colborne and found nothing, this week I am going to try wellington. Last season was my first season and the only place I fished was colborne during the summer and did pretty good with the salmon.. Not to sure about early season for lakers, rainbows, or browns... any tips?

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