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Saturday morning:

Steve and his buddies came up from Pittsburgh, PA to fish with us today. We heard all week how tough the bite got, but ya can't catch them from the couch! We had our bites today. They just never stayed buttoned up. At one point we dropped six in a row.


We started in 70' of water, but reports of some fish in 250-300' pulled us out there. We fished over some great screens on our Humminbird's. The bait is already moving offshore, which might be a little early. Nothing was "the man" today. We took a few shots on meat 180' out on a diver, couple bites on 5 colors, copper from 150' to 400', and our best presentations were various spoons on our Cannon Downriggers. Spoons that fired today were Rosta Goose, Rodfather, Midnight Special, UV NBK, and Salmon Viagra.



Saturday afternoon:

Jerry and his gang from Eastern PA joined us Saturday afternoon for some Niagara county Spring Salmon. They saw the morning report about tough fishing, but they were pumped to hit the water. We started in 250' of water West of port and worked out to 315'. Screens came and went.


30 minutes into the trip and the 400' copper pulling Familiar Bite Pacific Herring takes a hit. We fight it for 15 seconds before it's gone. That's when we went dead for over an hour. We told the guys the last hour would be our window of opportunity, and it did not disappoint. It all started with 10 colors of FishUSA Stealthcore pulling a custom Moonshine that we found in some Lake Ontario tackle shop. After that we took a few fish on a DW glow Roy Boy, which is a FishUSA custom, down 90' on our Cannon Downrigger. We had a DW Midnight Special go down 75' on a Cannon Downrigger, and lastly 140' diver pulling familiar bite Pacific herring took a fish.


It wasn't fast and furious, but we took what was given to us. These guys had a great time, and made some fantastic memories.



Sunday morning:

Max and crew joined us from Williamsport, PA today. We left the dock around 5:30am and headed to where we have been fishing the last few days out in 250-300'. Bite was tough again, but we landed almost everything. We also found some bigs!


Sea Sick Waddler was the man today. The DW Mag was good on an A-TOM-MIK 300' copper, and then we had the UV version going on 10 colors of FishUSA Stealthcore. Familiar Bite Pacific Herring was good for our last Salmon that came 150' down on our Cannon Downrigger.


Observation of the day: the larger Salmon didn't have small bait in their stomachs. Everything in there was mature.




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Thanks for the report Rick. They don't always jump in the boat as much as we would like them too. Grind, grind and grind away.

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