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Mexico Trip May 19-22

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I knew the fishing reports were dismal but the weather looked to be as nice as can be for Lake O and I had some vacation to burn.  So a friend and I replaced my water pump on Tuesday night and took off on Wednesday Morning.  Very slow report.  We managed only one Brown and one laker in four days.  Could not get any thing going with many hours trolling from 15 fow - 170 fow.  Getting to the boat at 5am and heading in at 2 or 3 each day except for Wednesday.  I have to say I have never seen the Lake this calm for 4 in a row since I have been fishing up there.  40mph to and from the plant was a piece of cake.   We did find a ton of bait (young of the year Alewives) near Catfish Creek with a ton of marks in 15-30 FOW so not seeing anything else we targeted this area in the early morning.  Only got the one Brown Thursday mid morning.  My only thought is that there was so much bait the fish just weren't interested in the lures.  We tried for salmon later in the mornings but with no hits and blank  screens for hours it was tough getting motivated.  Boat is up there now so I will wait to see some better reports before heading back.      

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