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Fishing report 5-28 Cayuga

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Launched out of longpoint once again. Headed to where I have been hitting the silvers. Wind was way worse than I thought. 2 footers out there. Set up boards and within 10 minutes had a 6 pound landlock in the boat. Came off a 5 color lead. About 10 minutes after that I caught my first brown. About 4 pounds also on a 5 color leadcore. I started putting the line a lot deeper in the board clips and switched to offset j hooks on spoons. Deep hook sets which I like. Caught a few smaller lakers over the next hour and then had a dipsy set out 80 feet on setting 3. Big silver fish crushed it and was jumping screaming drag. Broke the mainline. Win some loose some. Going back out tomorrow morning and hoping for more silvers and better weather. IMG_4530.JPG



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