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Sold / Closed Troll Master Pro 3+ for sale

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For Sale

Troll Master Pro 3+ For Sale


Asking $200


TROLL Master is the world's leading remote Throttle & Steering control for auxiliary outboards. Maintain optimum trolling speeds to maximize your catch-salmon, steelhead, trout, walleye, tuna and more. The PRO3 Plus has all the precision speed and direction control of its predecessor, the PRO3, but everything is now controlled with a sleek, wireless remote that you can wear on a lanyard around your neck, keep in a pocket, or mount anywhere on the boat. No more cables to trip over, and no more having to run a cable from the motor to the helm. It features a back-lit display for those times when you're fishing right up to and past sunset when the bite is so hot, you can't leave the water. The rabbit and turtle buttons increase and decrease speed in small increments and keep it there. The controller will go into sleep mode after one minute of inactivity to save power. A quick press of any button will wake it up, and your previous trolling speed will still be set. Easy to install and even easier to use means less time working and more time fishing.


tmproplus-3.thumb.jpg.a90a08577d61339f1880267df47fba37.jpg           TM3P.thumb.jpg.e69bc9e633d875216abb8b91d8f3d0eb.jpg

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sold unit
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