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5 dog fish this morning with this hog that swallowed my 9$ Crankbait and bit  me as I tried to get it out .  

Monster Bowfin congrats !

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Buddy of mine a couple years ago while we were up in the Alburgh Islands on L. Champlain kept seeing the dogs rolling just inside of where we were doing bass, in the frog waters. He threw spinnerbaits at them, and they'd chase right to the boat, slashing at the lure, attacking, sometimes even running into the boat, but he had trouble sealing the deal with a single large hook and those iron mouths of theirs. I thought he was going to fall our of the boat setting the hook so hard. I think he turned some of them inside out. Finally, he managed to score and check that species off his bucket list. It is just crazy how aggressive they can be under the right conditions. Topwater in the back coves at Braddock's is likely on fire right now...


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