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Celebrity Fish Hawk 2300 Fuel Capacity


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I have a "new to me" 1993 Fish Hawk with Yamaha 5L I/O.  I've been able to find out a fair amount about it but one specification I haven't been able to find is the fuel tack capacity. Does anyone know?



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There should be a tag hanging off it ,engraved on the top of the tank or a metal tag attached to it with your capacity.  If it's for example 50 gallons, maybe 43 of it is useable and consider when making long runs. There is also a mathematical formula,  Google it , W x  H x L ÷ by Y  = fuel capacity or something like that. Trying to be real accurate  take a spare 5 gallon can and run the tank until its dry , put the 5 in and figure that in when you fill it up.

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