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New ON/OFF/ON switch for old Walker Deep Troller downrigger?


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I recently dropped something on one of my Walkers while fishing and smashed the switch so it wont work any more.  The pic below is an example of what mine look like.  Does anyone know where I can get a suitable replacement switch for the downrigger?  Love these, not ready to upgrade yet...



Walker switch.jpg

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Thanks for the feedback, I wasn't sure where to look because the ones I looked up on Amazon, EBay, etc looked different than the one that was in the Walker..The one on the DR has some strange type of double crossover copper pieces on the bottom of the switch, and it's a 4 wire switch...I will check at AutoZone and Advance tonight.

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9 hours ago, mudflat said:

.You want a "double pole, double throw" switch - dpdt switch 





Thanks!  That is exactly what the bottom of the switch looks like!  I just didn't know what it was called...Much appreciated!

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3 hours ago, Ed in MI said:

I have a couple used Walker OEM switches that work fine.

Free, if you pay the shipping.

Thanks that's very generous of you!  I would be happy to pay for the shipping, I will PM you my address, just let me know how much for the shipping.

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