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Enjoyed the morning through mid-afternoon biking and hiking in the park.  We launched at 5 and using undertaker's advice, (thanks again), set up at 120 and started trolling due North.  Very quiet screen past 200, so made a scientific decision and turned West, (saw one boat out fishing West of us, none to the East).  Soon after the 7 color fires.  Barely get the Steelhead in the boat and a rigger fires.  The King grabbed a sliding cheater.   Reset and 10 minutes later that rigger fires again.  This time the spoon at the ball down 100 was the target.  Hung that one on the scale and at 21 plus pounds it's by far the largest fish to see the bottom of our boat.  Just a blast fighting these strong fish from my own rig for the first time.  Made it to shore in time to let the dog have a swim at sunset, then scooted over to Turtle Cove to celebrate with dinner by the water.  A great first Summer time trip to Ontario, and certainly not the last.






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