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How deep are you able to target with torpedos? I have the 8 oz ones… Been playing with them and trying to get the blowback figured out. I troll from my pedal drive kayak

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With the 8 oz, you could get down 75 to 80 feet. I’ll attach a chart for you. We were using the sharks today which are alittle lighter and were targeting 20 to 35 ft.IMG_8857.JPG

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We catch a lot of fish with the torpedo divers on the boards, run 4,8 and 12 oz. Not a exact science, we run them on 15 pound braid, if you watch the angle of the line, your depth is very speed dependent. We run them on our big boards, we start the outside rod at 60 feet, middle at 90, inside at 120. If one goes a couple of times we will run all three at that depth, typically the 60 will be good early and as the sun gets higher the fish move down and the deeper rods go better. This is before the thermocline sets up and the fish are spread throughout the water column.

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