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Seth green rig

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Wow ! thanks JJ 75 years old right out of my dinosaur era:lol:

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I would like to thank Skateopedia,Hop and Troutman 87 for hooking me up with the proper Seth Green leader connectors. JJBat150 that patent is just cool thank you.There was no book to follow so I went by my experience . I had a old rollertip 5ft boatrod with a Penn 49 reel.. I used 7 strand wire for the mainline tieing all connections with a figure 8 knot.I ran them 15 ft apart  I used 7ft long 30lb test leaders for the spoons . I have 4 different colors of 30lb I figured that would help with tangles.   It caught a rainbow and a brown on Owasco last weekend. Both fish hit the same lure on the middle leader. The rainbow was the 2nd fish and chewed the paint off the lure.  A lure I only had one of..... I have several now.     I usually just fish one lure per rod and try to keep them properly tended.  This meat rod set up is kinda fun. Even with the short leaders the brown and the rainbow got tangled around the dipsey wires. Kinda nice to run something different for a change..

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