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Fillet Table

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23 hours ago, Decoy Hound said:

Love my Fish Fighter Products brand table.193CC49E-C3AF-4374-A27E-D3A8A56E3E4F.thumb.jpeg.fa5ff06f73dbb78a5346ce6f12d4433c.jpeg

Appreciate your response and photo.  No trouble with it rocking side to side despite the one post for a base?

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No, not at all, in fact we use it as a table to stage lures and bait for that side of the boat while fishing. While running in at the end of the day we clean the fish. I will say the bracket that holds it into the gimbal was something we custom made.

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12 hours ago, Kwall said:

Made one but have tried it out yet, slide it in a track 


I mounted the Sea dog tables with a  pipe flange with a 6" piece of pipe for both of my boats so I can just pop them into a rod holder for fillet time- simple and out of the way most of the time

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