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Canandaigua Lake Browns

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Hi everyone! With help from the group a couple weeks ago I was able to get a couple Rainbows from the kayak, figured I'd try again.


What are the browns doing this time of year? Are they on structure? Are they suspended? Will they hit small spoons like the rainbows will?  


Just not sure why I haven't gotten into any of them with the hours I've spent on the lake. I feel like I'm not understanding their behavior.



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They are almost always "sketchy" to catch here. best I can tell you is work the shoreline and drop-offs preferably early AM just as it gets light. Try jigging on drop-offs. They will be pretty bottom oriented when the light is up and outward usually within 100 ft of water.

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20 -50 ft or so. There are spots at the south end where it is 100 ft plus just a few yds of someones dock:lol:

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