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Fishing Seems to be Picking Up Off Rochester 6/12

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Here's a short video of some of the action.  Had our first one on before we got all the lines out.  Decent day. I think we had a half-dozen fish, back at the dock by lunch.



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1 hour ago, Todd Shuskey said:

Embarrassed to ask this question but how else am I am going to learn..First time fishing open water. What is your process for searching for fish? Do you find fish/bait first and then set up downriggers/dipsies etc?


I think it's a great question!   The first thing many of us do is check the marine forecast where, at the bottom, you'll find "water temperature off of Rochester" info.  Today it reads "47 degrees".   This is taken at 30' of water near Port of Rochester.   This temperature will tell you that fish may be in shallower (inside of 100' FOW).  Then next thing I suggest is looking at a navigation map of Lake Ontario that has contours on it.    Look for where the contour lines are closer together; this is a steeper drop off.   Fishing marks and bait is smart too!  Hope this helps some.  

rochester basin snip.PNG

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Todd thats one way for sure. You can also watch the reports on here and many of the local captains post information on there pages on where and what's working for them. Pay attention to the weather for a few days before your trip, because the wind can change everything very quickly. Wind change temperature and the thermocline with a consistent hard blow.

Somedays you'll catch a lot of fish without a lot of bait. Bait is a huge factor that being said.

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