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What do you Run off planer boards?

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I have been wondering what folks run off their big planer boards. I have them on my boat, and I usually just put a leadcore or copper on them. I don't think folks run divers off them, and I don't know any other method to go deep. I would like to know what to run off my planers! Thanks in advance.


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1 hour ago, fisherman21 said:

Torpedo divers

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I keep trying to run Torpedos off my Church TX 44 boards but they just seem to get over powered by them. Any tips on how run those off boards? I tried today with I think it was the 8 oz and my board just wouldn't run right.

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I use to run deep diving Crankbaits off my boards  till labor day long ago with good success . 

I had some spoonbill rebels , bombers , and a Lindy shading in lemon lime that was killer . A big king broke the tail off it . The  Rapala tail dancers really look good to me for this . 

Those baits trolled go down 20 to 30 ft on 12# mono . 


I would think the coho and Steelhead would eat them up . 

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Big boards should be able to run small to standard size dipsies with crank baits as I used to run them from fiberglass outriggers just fine set to zero (not the magnums) It is important to get your boat speed right though and ti run compatible setups with it.

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