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Canandaigua South end kayak trip 6/13/21

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Launched the kayak out of Woodville this AM @ 6 AM - only a few other trailers in the parking lot - thinking all the Trout fishermen launched out of Vine Valley based on the results of the Tournament Last Week :lol:


Saw the following temps with the Fishhawk td, so worked around 35-45 FOW  with a mix of deep diver sticks and spoons using torpedo divers to different depths.  Stayed on the south drop off , and never moved north of rock cut the entire morning. 


Ended up with a 18.5" brown that came home and was grilled for dinner  and a 23-odd" laker that was released.    Lost another one after a quick run and it spit the hook.


Lots of "clutter" in the upper 15-20 feet of water - but saw few good sized bait balls, that I could actually feel the lines hitting the bait as I passed through them.


Was off the water by 11.  



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