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Dreamweaver deeper diver charts

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Anyone know of an accurate diver depth chart for dreamweaver deeper divers for running wire? The chart that comes with them are made using 30# braid. I have also seen that they run quite a bit different than the dipsy wire charts . Any info will be appreciated !



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I know it isn't easy and is time consuming but using the chart to estimate the ratio (e.g. 2:1, 1.5 to 1 etc. and then developing your own is really the best method. Let out line til the dipsy touches bottom and record the setting. GPS SOG, and amount of wire out. None of this stuff is exact (i.e. the charts) and the results also vary by boat and trolling motor speed variations in speed etc. as well. A second way is to attach a Fishhawk TD to the line set to max depth and record that data in conjunction with speed readings etc. All this stuff is fine for "estimates" but in the real world the underwater current can throw nay of the measures quite a ways off. This is another reason not to go as "gospel" from chart values.

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I run 30 lb power pro and 7 strand wire with the deeper divers. They are close to the charts with the wire running only slightly deeper. On any given day depths may vary with current and speed. F/F will run different than spoons as well. I usually run a 124 mm on 1 setting inside rods and a slide diver or 107mm on a 3 on outside rods. Starboard I usually run deeper than port side and keep adjusting till I find a depth thats working. When u find a depth thats consistently working then you can adjust the other rods Good luck!

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