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Cayuga fishing report 6/18

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Launched at 530am. Noticed right off the bat water was down 8 degrees from Monday. 63.5 in most spots today. Wind was more south than expected so fished some areas I normally don’t. Did pretty well. Had a few releases from 5 color leads and one downrigger that was a laker. Marked good bait in 55 feet of water and stayed that depth. Had an hour with no releases but then they turned right back on. 2 5 pound rainbows and 2 smaller 2 pound or so rainbows and a handful of lakers. It was a good morning and I got my grandpa out there for some fun! Hoping these colder temps keep the fish high in the water column for longer. Down 20 feet the water was still 55 like it has been the past few weeks so that was good to see.


Water cleaned up a lot. Last time I fished water had tons of algae and pollen. This cold snap must of killed all that. Could see bottom in 30 fow.







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I was there last Saturday and the fleas were starting to show up on my dipsy wires.

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I had one very small clump of water fleas on my one downrigger line but only when I got closer to shore in the 30 foot range. Out deeper towards 60 it was clean

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