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Pro Kicker doesn't seem to be charging batteries


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So I had a new engine put in my Avenger.  Alternator went bad and  Martins sold me a new 70amp marine alternator that charges the batteries right up.  However the kicker doesn't seem to charge the batteries up as well as the main motor.  I have a 2 battery system, a crank and deep cycle.   Does it make any difference which battery the kicker is hooked up to?  The kicker is 3yrs old and runs excellent.  I noticed with the main engine running the riggers which Penn Fathom Masters work excellent as in pretty fast up and down.  Not so much with the deep cycle which is a year old, and the crank side is new this spring.  So feed me brothers of the Great Lake.  thanks and stay safe


PS  Where the hell are all the fish and I fish out of Huggies Marina

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I run my kicker off the cranking battery  it will not charge as fast as the big engine. But mine keeps up good enough with 2 riggers , fish finder and auto pilot running. And the other riggers running off the deep cycle battery I got a 15hp evenrude kicker

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