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Decided to wake up late since I have 2 other trips planned this week and the wife also agreed to go if we left the house at 730am.


started in 90fow and noticed that there was a pretty big current and the 50 degree break was down almost 90 feet.  

We stayed in 100 to 140 and marked bait and a bunch of fish at 90 and 60 but no takers. We decided to swap programs and dragged the bottom for about 45min with cowbells and landed 2 quick Lakers. We probably could of stayed there all day and picked them up.  

gamblers mag chartreuse up dot on cowbells took both.








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I was out 6 to 10 and again from 12 to 230. Fished 120 to 175 looking for Kings.
Two down at 95 and 110. Dipsys out at 250 and 300. Temp down 110 was 50 plus or minus a few degrees depending on the depth. 3 Spinnys and a baited Twinky at 95. Couldn’t buy a king. 2 Coho landed and a couple drops.
Beautiful day on the lake but it would be nice to get into some Kings.

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