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Lure color and depth recomendations

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I was wondering what color lure/ spoon name people like to run at the different depths. Or flasher color and fly/meat rig set up. Trying to zero in on what colors work better in the different water columns this year during the summer months June July and August before staging is setting up for chasing kings . So for instance if you had to break it down to " I like to run this color in this section of water":


1) top 35 foot. ___________


2) 35 to 50. ___________


3) 50 to 75. ___________


4) 75 to 100. ___________


5) 100 to 125. __________Screenshot_20210119-133646_Facebook.jpeg


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I have seen enough underwater video on John King’s website and no fish Nick YouTube that the idea of colors disappearing at depth doesn’t really hold mud as some suggest. I have seen orange look orange at deep depths. Generally speaking the only rules I follow is have some glow on anything you put down. 

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I never fish just one depth.  I believe in the the theory of "1-above, 1-in and 1-below." (not just referring to thermocline)  As a general rule, all will have some color in common.  i.e all have some variation of green, or all some variation of Blk/silver, or all some variation of orange, etc.  Fish for a little bit, then change to different group.  I keep doing it till I find what they want that day.  



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